Thronmax 桌邊架 怪手架 CLIP S4
• Advance internal spring design

• Hand-tightened friction-hinges for smooth, quiet operation
• Designed for all the Thronmax mics and other professional broadcast mics
• Compatible with all standard shock mounts
• Clamp fit 2.5” ( 60mm) thickness

• Studio-Grade Design

Caster features a broadcast studio-grade all-tube design with internal springs and hidden cable management. All friction-
hinges are hand-tightening, no need for any tools, and a full 360-degree rotation means you are covered for any application. Effortless and quiet, Caster stays in place after being adjusted, and the robust C-clamp creates a solid
connection with your desktop

• Game Streaming, Podcasting & Broadcast
Caster is your secret weapon for your Twitch game streams. Caster lets you put your mic where you want it, when you
want it. Caster fits perfectly into your game streaming or podcasting setup and will impress your audience.

Boom Type: Extruded Aluminium
Desktop Mount: C-clamp
Product Weight: 1390Gr
Rotation: 360 degrees Max Horizontal
Reach: 37” Max vertical reach from base, 34” Max horizontal reach from Clamp
Hold: 2.2 lbs 1KG (including mic and shock mount)
Threading: standard 5/8” threading, adapter for 3/8” threading

Box Content:
Caster desktop boom arm (Not include Microphone)
C-clamp for desktop mount
1/4″-20 Male to 5/8″
3/8″-20 Male to 5/8″

Thronmax 桌邊架 怪手架 CLIP S4

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