M-Audio Oxygen 25 MK IV MIDI 鍵盤

  • 8 velocity-sensitive trigger pads for beat production, clip launching, and more
  • 8 assignable knobs for manipulating virtual instruments and plugins
  • 9 assignable faders built in so you can mix with ease
  • Transport buttons let you control your DAW without reaching for the mouse
  • DirectLink automatically maps controls to popular DAWs: Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, and more
  • LCD screen provides instant parameter feedback
  • Sustain pedal input for further creative control
  • USB-powered, plug-and-play support, and USB-MIDI connectivity
  • Includes Ableton Live Lite
  • Includes SONiVOX Twist, a powerful spectral morphing synthesizer
  • Includes AIR Music Tech Xpand!2, a multitimbral all-in-one workstation
  • Includes VIP3.0 - the ground-breaking, award-winning music software platform that provides musicians and composers with a powerful hands-on control solution for their virtual instrument and virtual effect collection


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M-Audio Oxygen 25 MK IV MIDI 鍵盤


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