Dr.Z Amplification Z Drive 破音效果器

Dr.Z Amplification Z Drive 破音效果器

The Z-Drive starts with an active global EQ and gives you a choice between two distinct sounding preamp channels (via the channel footswitch).

The Z-Drive is intended to be a fully integrated preamp pedal capable of adding additional channels to a single channel amp or power amp. 

The germanium channel uses NOS germanium diodes and can move from a sparkling clean boost to dynamic, open sounding overdrive.

The mosfet channel is a more compressed, higher gain overdrive, from edge of breakup grit to blistering distortion. Both gain stages use hi-fi OPA 2134 op amps. Because the signal goes through the EQ first, turning the EQ controls clockwise can increase overall gain/distortion.

With the Z-Drive you essentially get two pedals in one. 

Between the two channels and the full EQ the Z-Drive will open up a world of possibilities while complementing the tone of your amp.

Finally, the fine folks at Earthquaker Devices offer a full-transferable, lifetime warranty on defects and workmanship.


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